Good Morning Brothers…

I want to try to explain what that feeling is…you know, that feeling inside of you. That eyes wide open…wonder upon wonder…bell ringing feeling. The one that expresses joy from the recesses of bitterness…the one that felt a sharp sundering from the old and a surrendering to the new…the one where everything we see seems new somehow…the one that pops us up out of bed while praise songs float through our head…the one where we feel a sense of rebirth, a sense of renewal, a sense of redemption. You know…that feeling?

As we go through life we will experience many seasons. But that feeling you have…is the start of a new season. Life is now different…because you answered the call of God…and He, Himself…has stepped in.

The Old You would say:

“Sometimes it feels like I’m watching from the outside….Sometimes it feels like I’m breathing, But am I alive….I won’t keep searching for answers that aren’t here to find…”

The Old You would look the part, maybe act the part a bit…but inside…you questioned, “Is this real? Does any of this matter? Is this all just routine and ceremony?” The Old You may have even cried out, “Where are you God…? I read about the power of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost (Acts Ch. 2)…I don’t see that power now…? I don’t see that power on Sunday morning in church…? Have you left us…where are You?”

Often times we don’t see or feel the power of the Almighty God, because the dam within our souls is to high…and we keep adding bricks through our insistence to do things our way. These bricks hold back the Living Water, which is the Spirit of God. This dam…withholds grace and blessing from entering our lives. This dam…is built by us. This dam…needs to come down.

Standing on top of the dam, bashing out bricks with our righteous hammer, satan comes calling, “Hey there mister, what are you doing?”

“I’m getting rid of these bricks so all of that Living Water (pointing with your hammer) can wash down into the valley behind me.”

“You want all of that water to go screaming down into the valley? But…you’ll wipe out the place. What you need is a spill way…that way a little water can come out for necessary purposes, but you still keep the countryside intact.”

Standing on the dam, back to the mighty reservoir of God’s Spirit, the man shades his eyes while he looks down the valley at all that is built there. And for the first time, He sees them for what they are…places of bondage. He quickly turns to face the lake of Living Water and cries out to God Almighty, “Lord hear my prayers…give me the strength of a 100 men…bless me with the endurance to not grow weary….help me destroy this dam!!!”

Men…this is SURRENDER. Crying out to God for help. We don’t know how, we don’t have the answer…God does know and will give us the answer…if we surrender. From a pair of earthly ears and eyes, this surrender thing feels alien and foreign. “I”m not sure I like the sound of willfully giving myself away like that?”, we might say.

We were born for this. Surrendering ourself to God feels right and true because Christ IS Righteousness and Truth. It is our calling…to be His. That feeling you have…that GLOW. Is the realization and invitation that the dam is coming down…and God is rushing in!

The New You would say:

“All I know is I’m not home yet…This is not where I belong…Take this world and give me Jesus…This is not where I belong….!!!”

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