Good Morning Brothers…

Double hooded with a ball cap under both hoods, my head rested against the bark of the Cottonwood tree. My torso was still warm from the walk in and climb up the ladder but my breaths were shallow and soft. My toes flexed around inside my boot to keep the cold from setting in and my hands were balled up inside my jacket pocket even though I was wearing a pair of the ever faithful ‘brown jersey’ cotton gloves. It was still dark and there was moisture in the air. Fog was forming in the low areas and the wind was muzzled to a slight breeze across the tops of the trees. My weapon was loaded and lying diagonally across the rails of my stand as I stretched out physically and mentally. Eyes closed, my ears reached out for any sounds which sounded like deer.

I drifted…
into that place…
where reality slips away…

My mind raced through different scenarios of the hunt, my family, my work, all jumbled together in one giant kaleidoscope of sound bites, remembered tactics, missed phone calls, and unanswered emails. Somehow someway…this powder keg of information overload starts to spin and spin until it recedes into the distance of my minds eye. Almost like it is flushed out of this dimension into the next…the dimension of continual noise and aggravation (some may call that Kindergarten). What is left is………..quiet.

In the quiet, my mind recognizes the haphazard skitter of a waking squirrel running across a branch. I never even open my eyes.
In the quiet, my mind recognizes the purring gate of a flock of turkey’s strolling across the field. I never even open my eyes.
In the quiet, my mind recognizes the rumbling of a car starting a mile away in the chill of the morning. I never even open my eyes.
In the quiet, my mind recognizes the soft tremor of a footfall which sounds both cautious and anxious…my eyes snap open immediately!


My prayers dwindle away to thoughts rather than formed words once I run out of things to say. I long for the continual communion with Him and sometimes feel like that means I need to keep the conversation going…as one sided as that may be. I wonder if God waits for us to run out of steam with a thoughtful kind pose…the eye twinkle and cracked smile usually reserved for grandfathers and grandchildren. God has really already said everything He needs to say and if He chose to never speak to us again…He has said more than we deserve. Yet we continue to ring the doorbell of heaven with request after request, as if God is reduced to the great ‘easy’ button in the sky. Prayer after prayer floats heavenward from the big blue marble here and I wonder how many of them were prayed with the heart and not the head.

Our desire is and should be to ‘know Him’…which means we must put ourselves in a position where we can get to know Him. Invite God over for an evening on the porch and get to know each other. I know it aggravates you to be at lunch with somebody while they send texts and check facebook every 3 minutes…I think it aggravates God as well. Is that text about the hunting trip really that important…you are conversing with the Almighty? I remember being invited to dinner one time, we showed up and the host family watched TV the whole time we were there. I saw a good crime drama, but I don’t know them any better.

We need to turn off our life…turn the volume down…find a quiet spot…and just ‘be’. Let God navigate, let God guide us into a relationship with Him that goes beyond introductions. The conversations that take place, beyond introductions, is where relationships are forged. This is where our faith grows legs and becomes synonymous with our works. But before we ever get there…we must first…stop talking. Let God lead. Do you realize that the first sin was really about the creation (mankind) lusting after the Creator’s (God) job? When we talk over God’s voice and stop listening…we are repeating the first sin all over again.

In the quiet, my spirit recognizes the Majesty of God.
In the quiet, my spirit recognizes my role in ‘the plan’.
In the quiet, my spirit recognizes the path to knowing God.

“Be still and know that I am God”

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