Psalm 23

Good Morning Brothers…

Thank you to BroKen for sending in a devotional for today’s offering. Hope you guys dig in and sharpen up.

Psalm 23

1. The LORD (my Jesus) is my shepherd (my
physical and Spiritual guide); I have everything
I need (not want, for wants come from the
desire to have more than I need to enjoy to
moment in which I am living now.)

2. He (my Jesus) lets me rest in green
meadows,(pastures of grass belly deep to a tall
horse, a place where I have grazed to fill my need
for nourishment, now to rest and digest those
words I read, now meditating on from His Word.)
He leads me beside peaceful streams. (Water
that is moving very slow and pooling with some
depth so that I can drink without absorbing the
sand or dirt from the stream bed.)

3. He (my Jesus) restores my strength, (with my
belly filled and thirst quenched by His Word, and
now to lie in the radiance of His Son shine strength
comes over me as if I had taken a nap and rested
for hours.)
He (my Jesus) guides me along right paths,
(as I journey through life following close to Jesus
is always the way to travel, for He alone knows
where I need to be next in life’s journey.)
He (Jesus) brings honor to His (Jesus) name.
(Having learned to follow close to Jesus He can
show others His power and strengths in delivering
me from our trials and selfish ways.)

4. Even when I walk through the dark valley
of death, (all of us must endure death or the
separation of the fleshly body to walk in the
spiritual life we have developed in this life’s
I will not be afraid, (even in the final moments
of this life fear is to be far from us, because of our
relationship with Jesus casts out all fear.)
For you are close to me, (heaven should not be
our greatest goal here on earth, but developing a
close walk with Jesus should be our highest goal.
This will prepare us for life’s challenges, even
Your rod and staff protect and comfort me. (The
rod and staff have a special purpose for our life.
The rod is an instrument used only to protect me
from the enemies of this world, to inflict pain, ordeath to my enemies and other harmful foes. The
staff is used to rescue me from dangerous places
or situations I put myself in when I stray from the
closeness of Jesus. Therefore as I am close to Jesus
protection and comfort are to be my expectation
and lifestyle.

5. You prepare a feast for me in the presence
of my enemies. (My life with you is to be a
celebration because of your goodness poured
into my life. Your goodness is my feast to enjoy
and savor, before those who know not a close
relationship with you, Jesus. That they may be
drawn to you for their relationship.)
You honor me by anointing my head with oil.
(You have given me the Holy Spirit to do His
transforming work in my life. As others see your
character flow from me, they think I am good or a
person of value, this gives me the chance to share
your Love, a great honor from you.)
My cup overflows with blessings. (Because of
your presence in my life, and my strong desire
in striving to follow you Jesus, my life has the
presence of your blessings or favor overflowing in
my life.)

6. Surely your goodness and unfailing love will
pursue me all the days of my life, (two shocking
truths confront me as I journey through life, 1. To
make my life better than it is in both the good and
bad times, and you are willing if I ask of you. 2.
Your love, is inescapable, everywhere I could go
you are there to care for me, accept me with all
my warts, you just stand beside me and wait for
me to look to you and ask for help, and there are
times you intervene to see if I will notice and look
to you and ask for help/ deliverance from this day
forward.) and I will live in the house of the LORD
forever. (Because and only because I looked to
you for help and deliverance moment by moment
in my life you 1. Gave me the power or right to be
your child; 2. Special power (Holy Spirit) to grow
in becoming a child of the Eternal Father God
through Jesus the Christ; 3. And a home in Eternity
with Him forever.

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