Good Morning Brothers…

I love trail cam pictures!

I hate trail cams!

(I probably better explain.)

Love: I enjoy checking the pictures just to see what is lurking around in the dark. I am constantly amazed at the monsters out there walking around. Every now and then a camera will catch a mountain lion or a bobcat and that is really cool to see.

Hate: It’s aggravating when my motives for hunting deer change. All of a sudden I find myself passing on nice bucks waiting for the monsters caught lurking on the trail cam. Seasons come and go without horns because I’ve let my pride dictate shot selection.

Saying that, knowing there is an awe inspiring creature out there somewhere…gets me out of bed early and drives me to spend time on stand. The anticipation of getting a glimpse, in the flesh, of the majestic images captured by cam keeps the toes warm and the eyes open when the wind howls and the weather turns.

The view from my prayer closet is the same.

With a word, God created all from nothing; With providence, God created man in His image; With a blessing, God gave Adam dominion; With a curse, God condemned the serpent; With specific directions, God empowered Noah to build an ark; With a vision, God promised Abraham a son; With a staircase, God reached out to Jacob; With a dream, God foretold the future to Joseph; With a burning bush, God called Moses; With a declaration, God leads Joshua; With a nod, God sends the angels to minister; With remembrance, God strengthened Samson one last time; With the fourth call, God confirmed Samuel as a prophet; With an appointment, God chose Saul as King; With an anointing, the Spirit of the Lord came upon David; With discernment, God granted Solomon wisdom; With fire, God answered Elijah; With a cloak, Elisha was elevated; With permission, Job was tested; With a lofty an exalted vision, God commissions Isaiah; With a stretching of His hand, God put His words in Jeremiah’s mouth; With faithfulness, God preserved Daniel from the lions;

With a mission, God sends John the Baptist; With gentleness, God chooses Mary; With a star, God announces the birth of Jesus; With a loud voice, God anoints the baptism of His Son; With empathy, God watched Jesus tested in the desert; With an overshadowing cloud, God rebukes Peter; With tears, God sends Jesus to be crucified; With darkness, earthquakes, and torn curtains, God reacts to His Son’s death; With three days, God cured the problem of sin; With an ascension, God welcomed His Son to His right hand; With noise and a violent rushing wind, God injected the Holy Spirit; With power, God causes Peter to stand and speak; With an opening of the heavens, God receives Stephen; With a flashing light, God questions Saul; With blindness, God shows Paul truth; With revelation, God reveals the apocalypse to John; With a trumpet call, God will come back to claim His own…

As I reflect and think about these things, I realize that the Holy Bible, God’s Word to us…is like a trail cam that enables us to catch a glimpse of His Majesty, His Power, and His Love. I look back on my own life and see evidence of His Presence. I look at the lives of my family and friends and see evidence of His touch, His direction, His breath, and His life.

I see, His patience which leads to repentance; I see, His mercy when judgement was due; I see, His healing hand when all hope was lost; I see, His light from darkness; I see, His grace for all mankind; I see, His joy bubbling up out of bitterness; I see, His self-control when their was none to start with; I see, His creative powers in the Eco-systems of this world; I see, His artistic brush in the sunsets and sunrises; I see, His kindness in a helping hand; I see, His direction through prayer; I see, His wonder through lifted hands in praise; I see, His will through His church; I see, His love manifested in His Son; I see, His purpose in the body of Christ; I see, His design, His intention, His image…in us!

Do you see it as well…?

Saying that, knowing there is an awe inspiring God out there…gets me out of bed early and drives me to spend time with Him. The anticipation of getting a glimpse, in the flesh, of the majestic images captured in the Scriptures, keeps the toes warm and the eyes open when the proverbial wind howls and the weather turns.

Our God, our Father, our Lord, our Messiah, our Savior, our El Shaddai…our Hope, our Way, our Truth, and our Life….Hallowed be His Name.

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One Response to Hallowed

  1. Kevin says:

    John – You have written some great devos, but in my opinion, this is one of your best. Powerful, Brother! Thanks for taking the time to do these devos each week!

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