Twas the Day…

Good Morning Brothers…

Twas the day before Christmas, all geared up we headed out the door

Not a critter was moving, not even the ones we had tags for

The girls were at home, baking cookies by the pound

While me and the boys, were hoping to get off a round

The air was crisp and the color was grey

A storm was blowing in, a cold wintery day

The fires were burning, the house was warm

Countertops covered in flour this December morn

Plum thickets covered in frost, our boots crunched thru the snow

Eyes alert for the elusive deer, heads turned toward the tree row

Last minute wrappings, the boys are all gone

A search for scotch tape, they hope it won’t be long

The sight of our breath, water moisture in the air

Warm stocking hats on our heads because we don’t have much hair

Hot coco and hot coffee, the pot is in full use

Check the grocery list for tomorrow, we need cranberry juice

The sky is filled with the sounds of honking geese

Money well spent, the location of this lease

The lights twinkle on the Christmas tree of fir

One more day, of that we can be sure

Walking down wooded paths, trying to cut tracks

The boys have visions of big white-tail racks

Sleepy heads give way to giggling voices

It’s moments like these that remind mankind of its choices

The birth of our Savior, we celebrate this season

Freedom in Christ, the epitome of the reason

A life spent seeking Him who justifies

A life spent seeking Him who sanctifies

Many search for happiness and think they find it at the mall

But we know true contentment comes with the call

Of all the gifts we think we can give

Our Lord only desires the life we live

Merry Christmas to you and yours…



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One Response to Twas the Day…

  1. Lee Keele says:

    Poetry! Wasn’t expecting that one!

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