Shoes of the Enemy

Good Morning Brothers…

Squatting down in rubber boots, leather gloves covering my hands I work quickly. My stakes are driven and the chain, which connects the stakes to the bottom of my trap, is coiled up and pressed down into the dirt. The foothold itself, is set firmly into the ground to eliminate any tilting or wobbling if my prey steps on to its buried edge, and not the pan itself. I take care to restrict the dirt’s ability to build up under the pan, which would keep the jaws from snapping shut when depressed. I sift a layer of dirt over the whole trap to hide it completely and then dress the set with ground clutter like bits of dead grass and so forth. As I back away from the set, I brush out my footprints and spray the area with a cover scent.

The trap set is only as good as the bait used to lure my prey to this spot. My bait is a couple of small sticks dipped in a stinky lure and placed into a narrow hole about 6 inches deep and a hands length from the trap bed. The hole placement is crucial. The placement of the hole is designed for the prey to only be able to approach from one direction…the direction which contains the trap. I must take care that I leave as little traces of me as possible. The prey know me…I am their enemy.

“I know You…I know the desires of your flesh. I see the bubbling cauldron of your lust which you attempt to hide from the rest of the world. I see the spark in your eye when your head turns to look upon the bait I have set for you. I am careful to present my lure without any traces of me. I don’t guide your steps but I do present you with opportunity. The opportunity to slake your thirst at the wells of my provision.

As your thirst is satiated, I capture your emotions with burning images seared into your consciousness. Always their, ready to be recalled whenever the fever of your desire rises. I feed your anger with soft words of encouragement, I display women of fantasy while cloaking their chains, I grant you justification for the love of money, and I instruct you in the use of humble words while you reach out for power.

The inclination to wander is strong with your race. I set item after item in your view and with every turn of the head there is more to gaze upon. I admire your strong work ethic because it reminds me of myself. I provide nourishment for your energy with the products of man. There is strength in the chemicals you ingest and their reliability is worth the trust you place in them. You are wise to discipline yourself into their routine.

Let your pride guide you and don’t suffer the ignorance of fools who reach out for things not visible to their own eyes. The country you live in is strong and provides you with the lifestyle of your choosing. I encourage you to take advantage of this. Dream big…the world is your playground…you have the ability to chase after and receive whatever your little heart desires. Your allegiance to the land of your birth should supersede all things. Continue to place your faith in the ideals and policies of those officials you trust most.

Truth will always be a perspective. Lend voice to those arguments as you will. Let your anger and disdain for those that oppose your view fuel your thoughts and actions. You have the power to project your will and you are sovereign over it. You are your own man and don’t let anyone tell you differently. I can provide for your every need and I don’t ask for anything in return. I am here to serve you. When you want something, I’ll get it. When you need something, I’ll provide it. I know you…I am your only true friend.”

When my trap is sprung and my desired prey is caught. The chain provides a limited amount of travel, for the prey, as they wait. The prey understands that they have been tricked, with intent, and thus bound by their foolish decision. The purity of the animal is in their understanding. They are not afflicted with the spiritual warfare that swirls around us. They see the trap for what it is, they see the chain for what it is, they see their situation for what it is…dire. The lies of our enemy have convinced us that the length of our chain is freedom. We have the freedom to choose whatever lifestyle, whatever decadence, whatever fleeting lust we so desire. The freedom the world offers is the length of a chain that binds us. Often, we are convinced, that freedom from one trap is too again satiate our lusts in a different area. Only to realize that we are now bound by two chains.

An animal trapped, realizes that they wait for something…more powerful than themselves to come and render judgement…life or death.

“I know you also. You are the one Scripture warns about. I have fallen into your snares and traps in my life. I give you credit for setting the snares and traps in such a way, that I detected none of your presence. This, however, is because of my own foolishness. God’s Holy Word has unlocked my senses to your scent. I see you now, you are no longer hidden from me. I detect you in all of the places I live and work and worship. I know you are crafty and the father of lies. I know I will be snared again, however, my Savior has freed from the permanency of your trap. I am a child of God and you have no power over me because the Spirit of the Almighty God resides within me. I know you…you are my enemy.”

“I cry out to the Lord and declare Him as King, the only Sovereign, in whom I trust…!”

“He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High
Will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.
I will say to the Lord, “My refuge and my fortress,
My God, in whom I trust!”
For it is He who delivers you from the snare of the trapper
And from the deadly pestilence.
He will cover you with His pinions,
And under His wings you may seek refuge;
His faithfulness is a shield and bulwark.”    Psalm 91:1-4

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