Bridge of Sighs

Good Morning Brothers…

I ask for your prayers this morning. As the sun rises over the horizon, I am waking up in a tent, under some mango trees, in a tiny village on the northern coast of Haiti. Today is my last day here as we will journey home tomorrow. Pray that whatever is left to do, to say, to pray…will be done before we depart.

Before I left, I was overcome with stories about pain. Stories about an ugly impending divorce, stories about an unborn child with potential life ending birth defects, stories about a wayward daughter being checked into the hospital to protect her from suicide attempts, stories about my own son running with an outlaw crowd. Stories which cause our hearts to hurt and our eyes to look heavenward. Our culture teaches us to blame these circumstances on God, or on the gods. The link below (you will need to go to the Treestand website to receive the link) is a haunting song by Robin Trower. The musical score, combined with the lyrics, speak to the soul of a man crying out in desperation.

Lyrics: Bridge of Sighs

Sun don’t shine
The moon don’t move
The tides to wash me clean

Why so unforgiving
And why so cold
Been a long time crossing
The bridge of sighs

Cold wind blows
And the gods look down
In anger of this poor child

Why so unforgiving
And why so cold
Been a long time crossing
The bridge of sighs

Many Christians today feel like God is punishing them when pain visits their family. Many Christians today cry out for God to change their circumstances when it isn’t fun and happy. Many Christians today blame God. When we do, we are no different than our culture that views earth as the playground of the gods. The great question of Scripture throughout the Old and New Testament’s is this, “Will you serve Me no matter what?” God is continually asking the faithful if they will be faithful.

“Hey Abraham, will you serve Me even if I demand your only son’s life?”

“Hey Moses, will you serve me even if I ask you to return to the place you ran from?”

“Hey Hosea, will you serve Me even if the wife I commanded you to marry sleeps with every guy in town?”

“Hey Job, will you serve Me even after your kids die and your wealth is taken?”

“Hey Peter, will you serve Me even after I am arrested and put on trial?”

“Hey Judas, will you serve Me even after it looks like you will be persecuted for it?”

“Hey Paul, will you serve Me even after you are shipwrecked, beaten, put in jail, and isolated?”

“Hey Church, will you serve Me for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, and in sickness and health…no matter what?”

The winds of adversity blow cold at times. Our seasons change, our health declines, promises are broken, wealth is lost, and our feet walk the uneven cobblestones across the bridge of sighs. Our hope, our faith, our refuge, is not found in a doctrine, or a theology, or the inspiring words of a gifted speaker, but in the presence of the Son of God. Jesus said that His peace He leaves with us. This may not mean that our circumstance will change, but it does mean that we can experience peace despite the circumstance. Jeremiah 29:13 says, You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.

May we seek Him today…


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