Christmas Morn

Merry Christmas Brothers…


I awaken to the sound of giggling children; the first rays of dawn appear over the tips of the trees; I pull on my boots and favorite sweatshirt to go outside and gather firewood; the door slams upstairs as the dog is let in from her pen; voices squeal, cats scatter, my boys laugh.

Stockings are opened; new toothbrushes received; the wood stoves roar to life; the coffee pot purrs; momma puts the cinnamon rolls in the oven.

I listen to the tenor of my kids voices. I listen for the vibrations of irritation or the beginnings of bitterness. I detect none. All I hear is contentment. The closeness, the intimacy of a family at peace. I search their faces for signs of jealously and hostility. I find none. All I see is the cheery smiles of children at peace. At peace with their surroundings, at peace with their siblings, and at peace with themselves.

Then again…it could be a train wreck. I am hoping for a Christmas morning just like the description above. I am writing this well before Christmas hoping it will prove prophetic and “Peace on Earth” will actually be experienced by our family. I hope and pray that your Christmas mornings are peaceful as well.

May God grant us the peace and grace to extend peace and grace on this day. On the day we celebrate the coming of our Lord. I would write a little more, however, momma is taking the cinnamon rolls out of the oven, somebody is crying and I think the dog just ate the cat…gotta go!!

Merry Christmas….



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