Good Morning Brothers…

Back to basics.

Ever hear someone say that? What they mean is that they need to get back to the fundamentals. The fundamentals are the building blocks, or the foundation by which everything else rests. Many football coaches are praised for their teams adherence to the fundamentals. This means they block well, tackle well, and are a disciplined team that doesn’t make dumb mistakes. Deer hunters that adhere to the fundamentals read sign well, hunt the wind well, and are disciplined enough to not make dumb mistakes that cost them a chance of harvesting a mature deer.

What about Christians? Do Christians need, at times, to get back to the basics. Do we need to review the fundamentals? I would say that the answer is certainly ‘YES’, however, the question itself raises a very important next question.

What are the fundamentals of Christianity?

I mean, where do we start? Do we start with “God came as a man” or do we start with “God created” or even “God is”…?  I may be suffering from writers block or a case of ‘making this harder than it is’ but I’m not sure where to start. The fundamentals are the building blocks, the foundation…hmm…what is the fundamental truth of Christianity? Well…the fundamental truth of Christianity is that God was, God is, and God will always be and He has chosen to create mankind and love us selflessly.

As I sit back in my seat and read that over an over, I’m still not sure if that is where we should start. I mean, God created other things as well. Angels are an example of ‘something else’ He created and the Bible doesn’t tell us if God loves them unconditionally or not. However, I’m sure Angels can’t be Christians because Christ came to die for the sins of the world and to conquer death. Since Angels aren’t of this world, their sins aren’t atoned for…wait…is that factual? Does Christ’s atoning work on the cross only apply to the sins of mankind or the sins of anykind?  See what I mean, I’m attempting to zero in on the fundamental aspects of Christianity, the basics, I end up on a rabbit trail somewhere wondering about the eternal judgement and forgiveness extended to a created race I know little to nothing about.

Somebody help me out…please.

What do you think are the fundamentals of Christianity?

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2 Responses to Basics

  1. Jerome Greene says:

    The fundamentals of the Christian life are in the 49 or so commands that Christ gave us during His ministry. I believe that you can spend a lifetime discussing other topics, scenarios, and what ifs. I feel that if you spend a lifetime leaning on and following Christ’s commands then you will be serving others the way He did. That is were I feel the fundamentals are; in Christ’s life.

  2. Mike Nowlan says:

    1. Believe in the one true and living God (Is 44:8; Ep 4:4-6).
    2. Believe in Jesus as the one Lord (Jn 20:30,31; Ep 4:4-6).
    3. Believe in the one universal body, the church (Cl 1:18).
    4. Believe in the one Holy Spirit and His fruit (Gl 5:22,23).
    5. Believe in the one baptism (immersion) (At 2:38; Ep 4:4-6).
    6. Believe in the one faith (Ep 4:4-6; Jd 3).
    7. Believe in holy and moral living (Cl 3:12-17; 1 Pt 1:15)
    8. Believe in Jesus’ behavioral principle of love (Jn 13:34, 35; 14:15)

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