Good Morning Brothers…

Brothers, what can I say. The last week has been a rocket ride. My mind is numb as the dust somewhat settles and I prepare myself for another big push of defining obstacles and overcoming them. The best way I can describe the last week is this:

  • alarming news
  • victory in the heavens
  • great joy
  • shock
  • concern
  • paying the price
  • searching
  • complete surprise
  • anger
  • burdens
  • direction…we thought
  • our trust betrayed
  • journey
  • fire
  • waiting
  • rebuild

Whats next…? The question my son asked me, “Dad, I’m scared. What’s going to happen to us next?”

My response, “As long as we have faith in the Almighty Sovereign Lord of the universe. We can do this because God has got this. This is life. This is what we do. We press on knowing that the One inside of us is far greater than the one outside. We will survive and advance because Christians don’t stop advancing just because the obstacles get bigger.”

My mind is still numb.

More to come.

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