Almost Ready

Good Morning Brothers…

I leave this week for a trip to the mountains to hunt elk…I’m almost ready. I have sent my gear by mail, I have found my airfare, I have worked out about 15 minutes this past year, and I’ve located my license and tag. My hunting partner for this trip lives in Texas. He is a workout machine, studies topo maps, ascertains strategies for hunting elk uphill or downhill based on the jet stream currents and celestial star alignment. If nothing else, I’ll just try to keep up with him, go where he goes, do what he does, because he is ready…and I am almost ready.

I feel like that in other areas of my life as well. I have this feeling of preparation for something I do not know. I do not have a clear cut hill to charge, which is strange for me, I am usually working a plan of some sort. I feel like I am sitting quietly at the proverbial crossroads waiting on direction. The weird thing is ‘not’ that I am sitting, but that I am okay with the sitting. I feel like I am almost ready for God’s plan to be unfurled. I recognize that to be prepared for the plan I must do His will. This means that I must continue to sharpen my sword through the pages of sacred scripture, rest with Him through prayer an adoration, and seek His guidance in the many daily decisions that befall us all. In short, I must continue to practice my righteousness and surrender my life to our Lord and Savior. There is a prayer from the 5th century that really speaks to me in this season of my life, I tweaked it a bit to compliment my life personally, I would like to share it with you:

Deliver me, O Jesus…from the desire to be esteemed…from the desire to be loved…from the desire to be honored…from the desire to be praised…from the desire to be preferred…from the desire to be consulted…from the desire to be approved…and from the desire to be sought out.

Deliver me, O Jesus…from the fear of being forgotten…from the fear of being set aside…from the fear of being replaced…from the fear of being questioned…from the fear of being heretical…from the fear of being convergent…from the fear of being bold…and from the fear of being labeled a hypocrite.

Lord Jesus, grant me the grace to follow You without the strings of worldly desires and fears. Grant me the grace to desire that others might be more loved than I, that others might be more esteemed than I, that in the opinion of the world, of the church, that I may decrease and others may increase, that others may be chosen and I may be set aside, that others may be preferred to me in everything, that others may become holier than I…provided that I too, may become as holy as I can.

Almighty God, may You continue to bless me with discomfort at easy answers, half truths, and superficial relationships, so that I can live deep within my heart where Your Spirit dwells.

May You continue to bless me with anger at oppression, injustice, and exploitation, so that I will have no part in it, through sinful thoughts, acts, or deed.

May You continue to bless me with enough foolishness to believe that I can make a difference in this world, through Your grace, mercy, and power that I can do what many others say cannot be done.

May I stand in the shadow of Your wings…may my life honor Yours…Amen

Almost ready…

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One Response to Almost Ready

  1. Jerome Greene says:

    Thank you for the devotion. I hope the 15 minutes of working out works out.

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