Good Morning Brothers and Sisters…

I can’t help but notice the holiday commercials on TV. Scenes of perfect looking families in perfect looking houses sharing a perfect looking meal with perfect looking smiles all around. It’s like the perfect looking Christmas card come to life. Everything is…perfect. If this accurately describes your holiday (perfect) then give God the glory and stop reading this post, because all of the rest of this won’t make any sense to you.

Are they gone…?

Okay…here we go.

How do we worship God in thanksgiving when our smiles are forced and the words we want to say are held back? How do we worship God in thanksgiving when our lives are difficult and things look rather bleak? How do we worship God in thanksgiving when all we want to do is to go to sleep and wake up in March sometime?   My friends, I believe our perspective needs a make-over when we are feeling this way. I don’t mean one of those shallow “look around, count your blessings” make-overs, I mean a serious shift to our narrative of ‘who’ God is and ‘who’ we are in God.  Here comes the shift, everybody ready…okay here we go.

The trials, or problems, we face in life aren’t intended to be solved. They are intended to solve us.

Think about that for a minute…the trials of our life help solve the puzzle of us. The puzzle of a man/woman created in the image of God, born into a sinful world, corrupted by our culture, yet reaching out for God through whichever denominational influence holds sway, grasping some righteousness, but missing often…i.e. ‘the puzzle of humanity’.  God has intended each one of us to serve Him based on the gifts, character, personality He has bestowed. Sin has muddied those waters and our ‘trials’ act as filters to extract the dirt, in order that we can serve Him in a more pure, or less dirty, way. The problems of our life are intended to draw us closer to Him. This helps solve the puzzle of ‘sinful man’ wanting to serve and worship a ‘pure and holy God’. How does one who is dirty, serve One who is clean…?

I like to use the analogy of ‘light’ and ‘dark’ to answer that question. Picture a hallway in your house that connects to one of the bedrooms. At night, with all the lights turned off, both the hallway and bedroom are dark. If the door is opened between the bedroom and the hallway and the light in the hall is turned on…what happens?  The light from the hall penetrates the darkness of the bedroom, not the other way around. The dark from the bedroom doesn’t penetrate the light in the hallway. Light always penetrates darkness. The closer we get to the Lord, the more ‘light’ penetrates our ‘darkness’ and the cleaner we become. The trials, and problems, of life should drive us closer to Him. They solve the puzzle of us.

So…do you feel afflicted this holiday season? Do you feel battered and beaten by the trials of life? If so, be thankful, the puzzle of you is being solved because God is weighing in. All we have to do is make our self available, and let God be God. “Thank You Lord Jesus for loving us enough to cleanse us through trial and tribulation.”



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One Response to Thanksgiving

  1. Lucas Melvin says:

    Good stuff brother! Let the LIGHT IN!

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