A Man of History

Good Morning Brothers and Sisters…

I can read his words. I can study his character. I can read about his influence on events that shaped and changed our world. I can watch TV shows which talk about him. I can also read the writings of his enemies that thought he was crazy. I can even see the remnants of his teaching and policy that are still relevant today. I can even get on the internet and hear his voice as he rallied a nation…but I cannot ‘know’ him, I can only ‘know of’ him. I am speaking of Winston Churchill; a man of history.

I am convicted today that much of what I have been taught, and much of what I have taught about Jesus is the same. I have treated Jesus like a ‘man of history’ and in some respect He certainly is, however, He is also a ‘man of the present’.  If I relegate the stories of miracles, healings, walking on water, wisdom shared and wisdom expected to the past; then I am pigeon holing Jesus into history and not experiencing Jesus in the present. In other words, I ‘know of’ Jesus, but I do not ‘know’ Jesus.

As Christmas approaches and we celebrate the incarnation, my hope and prayer for all of us is that we would spend some quiet time alone with Jesus.

Offer your time.

Receive His time.

Talk with Him.

Listen to Him.

Share your thoughts.

Hear His thoughts.

Offer your love.

Receive His love.

Offer your service.

Receive His service.

Know Him…



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2 Responses to A Man of History

  1. Joe Kormanik says:

    Pretty timely brother, thanks for the words and actions.


  2. Jerome Greene says:

    Short and sweet, super simple, hard to do. Thanks for the reminder!

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