About Me

This is the part where I’m supposed to tell you something about me…something about my family…something about my life which causes us to connect in some way. I think I’ll approach this task in a slightly different way, if that is OK with you (whoever you are)?

I’m like you in many ways, although, I’m sure we are different in many other individual ways. However, our things in common are common to all men. I have, we have, a sin problem. I’m not “righteous” enough to inherit the Kingdom of God. I’ve realized I can’t “earn” my way into Heaven. The standard is too high, the pre-requisite is too lofty. I need an advocate, a substitute, to insure my entry into the eternal resting place. Jesus Christ has agreed too take my place, too take my punishment, in order that I might be spared. The funny thing about that, is that I didn’t ask Him to do it. He did it before I was even born. Hence…I was presented with a choice. I could accept the substitution for myself, or I could not accept it. There isn’t a third option. I can’t pay the penalty for my own inequity and still inherit eternal life. I can, however, pay the penalty, through my disbelief, through my non-acceptance of His sacrifice and substitution, and thus inherit eternal damnation. Any other options we may think up…are default options to the eternal damnation one.

So…this choice, eternal life vs damnation, is there for all mankind. It is common amongst us all. Those of us that choose life…often choose for selfish reasons. I did. I didn’t want eternal damnation, therefore I chose life. Doesn’t seem like much of a decision when you think about it like that, however, that decision goes much deeper. This is the part that doesn’t make much sense to the ones still looking for the third option. Although, my choice for life may have started off selfishly, through God’s work within me, my selfishness dissipates and my heart for others begins to grow. Compassion and
steadfastness become descriptions of my character, instead of words in my vocabulary. Truth begins to solidify in my inmost being and I realize that the world needs Love. Not love seen on TV, or in the movies, but LOVE portrayed by Christ. A sacrificial love, a love that weeps and prays for its enemies, a love that reaches out to the poor and needy, a love that is only possible in the heart of man because God lives there.

Men without God in their hearts can’t love like that, in fact, they can’t even comprehend love like that. Before these men can comprehend and understand Truth…they must first “hear” it. Jesus, before He ascended into Heaven, told us to “Go…and make disciples of all the nations”. This is what I must, we must…do. We must…”Go”. These devotionals are intended to equip the saints in this endeavor, to provide some insights, to sharpen the iron of men taking up the fight. I find incredible analogies for our shared Walk with God, and hunting. You don’t need to be a hunter, to understand the analogy. They are, again, common to all men. Enjoy…and God Bless you and yours.


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